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12. Mär 2023



The fresh floral message of hope.

On Saturday, 12 March from 07:00 - 19:00, the #lovenotwar action took place worldwide.

A flower lover from Holland was the initiator of this action. Giant flower hearts with the message #lovenotwar adorned various cities around the world.

He wanted to send a positive, refreshing floral message full of hope to the world. Local florists in 34 cities around the world were asked to support this campaign. Flowers are a powerful symbol and speak the international language of love and friendship, gratitude, support, comfort and hope.

This heartfelt message was to send hope to the affected countries. Everyone should share this flowery message on social media with the universal hashtag #lovenotwar.

In Zurich, the company Blumen Krämer, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, was approached.

The flower heart (1.80 × 2.20 m) on Bürkliplatz in Zurich was adorned with 2,800 roses.


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